HiLo was created by students, for students.
We are pioneers. We are leaders. We are students. 
HiLo Vision was created for one reason and one reason only: for the well-being of every college student all across the globe. We want to provide every student with equal representation and advantage in life. We give students access to our enhanced knowledge center while also providing access to high quality products at the lowest prices on the market in a unique fashion – empowering students by handing them purchasing power. We exist to give students everything they need in order for them to become what they are meant to be. 
A Future in Progress
Right now we are at step one. Gaining members and traction. Our Notebook is fully functional and Shop is a work in progress.  As of now, students can navigate to our Shop Tab and directly purchase products with student integrated discounts. But this is not our end goal. We are excited for what we have and for what we have to grow. We have great things to come.
Step 2 involves a minor upgrade, providing access to students from all across the country to our website and to our unique student discounted prices on popular products. Our members, only students, have premier access to all of our resources and take advantage of the HiLo+Supplier relationship. 
Step 3 is the mother of all upgrades. This step will completely alter the path of our future and change our perception of e-commerce. We cannot release this information just yet but users will be able to directly purchase student-discounted products off our site plus much more. We are eager to announce its reveal in months to come. If you want more information on this, please feel free to contact us on the Contact Tab.
We Need YOU.
We are here to serve students. But in order to achieve our potential, we need your help. 
Talk to your friends. Share with your friends. When we win, so do you.
Join our journey. #HiLo



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