We offer students high quality products at low, affordable prices.
Using the technology we have developed we want to create a new buying and selling experience.
  • Suppliers must be approved to fit our criteria
  • Using our technology we search the web for the 5 lowest prices on a product then offer it exclusively to our community of suppliers in order to offer that product on our site. 
  • In our community students can buy as a group, this maximizes our supplier’s ability to make money.
  •  Students can invite their friends to join a purchase, encouraging more students to buy at once. The more students join a purchase order the lower the price is for them. 
Shopping on HiLo is exclusive, let’s keep it that way. 
The fact is students shouldn’t be paying more for high quality products. Students don’t have as much disposable income, but that shouldn’t be the reason they can’t get high quality products. By building a direct relationship with suppliers and students through HiLo. We want to maximize brands ROI by selling directly to the student market using a unique methodology. This methodology incorporates student’s online dependence with brand’s who want to maximize their sales. 


Want a product that we don't offer? No problem.

Our social community within HiLo allows students to request any product they want. Once they request a product, our algorithms and Echo will gather that information through crawlers, and after a certain amount of students request the same product all over the country, the system will send out a notification to every supplier that works with us to see who is willing to make this product for the lowest price.

Students can also invite friends to join in on requests in order to get the product on the HiLo website. Once HiLo gathers a pool of HiLo approved suppliers, they will then compete for the lowest price requested by the consumer, based on the quantity requested. Once a distributor accepts the price, the system will notify those who requested it. This in whole, is giving the purchasing power directly to the students, something that has never been done before.


What's better than saving money? Free Money.

Our reward program goes in several ways:

  1. To grow our exposure, we will reward new users with 10 HiLo points and 5 HiLo points upon a referral.

  2. Whenever a user purchases a product, we will give them HiLo points; an accumulation of these points can be directly used to purchase products. ​

To increase user reviews and content of products and companies, we will host weekly or monthly media and content competitions and the winners will receive points or free products–winners are selected based on views of videos, likes on articles and user feedback.


Any user who goes to our HiLo Vision website will be able to see all of this content on our wall. Top influencers will also receive reward points based on influence not activity. If influencers bring a lot of engagement and new users then that is considered a top influencer.

Are you a supplier and want to join our HiLo Community?

Great, just need you to meet our criteria. 


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