We are here to make your life as a student easier; help you save money and ease your transition into the real world.

Want to grow and develop your credit score in a simple manner? 

If so, we introduce, HiLo Credit.

Being the very first of its kind, student will now be able to create what we call their "HiLo Credit". Within our company, each student is able to build up a HiLo credit score based on their purchasing history. 


Having HiLo Credit can benefit students because financial institutions can use the HiLo credit as a means to assess risk and offer those with higher scores better rates on loans, bank accounts, insurance and more, while also building their credit score – which is a problem for students today.


Today's credit system is an oligopoly and we want to change that. By giving students HiLo, we want to give students an alternative to the traditional credit system we have today. We want to use the same methods to assess risk but also provide them with a transparent way for them to understand how they are being scored – something which is unavailable today for anyone in America. We want to help build better, responsible credit scores.


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