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Our site lets members upload videos along with video reviews. Both, students and suppliers, can upload video content. This can be informative, lifestyle related, hacks, tips, advice, reviews on a product purchased and more. Anything related to our community will be accepted by our experts and published. Our community is exactly what students love and want in today’s social media world. 


Competition is always fun. Every month we give our members the ability to win a prize for having the most popular video on our site for that month. Whenever someone uploads a video they receive HiLo rewards. These rewards can be used towards products found on our site.  

  • HiLo Affiliate and Influencer Program
    • Students can apply or be recommended by peers, nevertheless applicants must meet our criteria. By becoming an affiliate or an influencer, students can contribute to their college community while also making money.
    • For example, an affiliate of U.T. Austin would be responsible for getting more students to join HiLo, promote relevant events in that area, they can represent brands and more. 
    • We have an online Community Center that, if necessary, receives and assists students that have any comments, recommendations or concerns.